Little Women

This weekend we are working on the musical adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott book, Little Women. The company showed up with 2 simi trucks full of set pieces, lighting, audio equipment, props and lots of wardrobe. So far it’s been an easy day as we had a lot of overhire help (hands hired for the day). Also the crew with the touring company have been very nice people who are easy to work with.

I’m working on the prop (property) crew. After load-in, when all the gear goes from truck to stage, my job has been to setup gear in the orchestra pit – and also help the audio crew with the pit setup which was easy. Tonight during the show my job is essentially to move furniture on and off the stage via small cards called skateboards which have push sticks or are pushed onto stage by actors then dragged off by me via a piece of tie-line (⅛ inch cotton poly rope, think thick shoelace).

Props on skateboard with pushstick from the stagehands point of view.
Props on skateboard with push stick from the stagehands point of view.

Other than that I will be doing a lot of sweeping and mopping of the stage. Not too exciting, but on the other hand I’m on call for almost 14 hours and have time to do other crap like write this for you! The show is loooooong, so I imagine I will read a book or two also by the end of the weekend as we have three more shows (two on Saturday and another on Sunday). All in all an easy three days with a friendly touring crew and easy pay. Who could ask for more? And that’s why I love my job.


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